God's Judgment: The Flood

Intermediate Bible Studies, Lesson 4 of 15

We will not be able to cover every event of the Bible in this study, but one story that we cannot overlook is the account of the great flood that God sent on the wicked world of Noah's day.


About 1,600 years after God made Adam and Eve the world had become so wicked most of the people on the earth were disobeying God. In this wicked world lived one righteous man with his family. He was Noah. Because the world was so evil, God determined to destroy all the evil people and save Noah and his family.


God told Noah to build an ark (a large ship) for his family and the animals he was to take into the ark with him. While Noah was building the ark he preached to the people trying to get them to change and obey God. We should learn from this that even if no one wants to do right we should be like Noah and still serve Him.

Finally the time for the sending of the flood came. At God's command, Noah took the animals (two of every "unclean" and the clean by sevens) and his wife, his three sons and their wives into the ark.


For forty days and nights it rained, until all the dry land was covered, even the tallest mountains. All the wicked men died in this flood. After being in the ark for over a year Noah was able to come out.


One of the First things Noah did after leaving the ark was to worship God. As a sign of His promise to all men, God placed a rainbow in the sky to let us know He will never destroy all the earth with a flood again (Read 2 Peter 3:7-12 to see how one day the earth will be destroyed).


1. God hates sin. He will bring His judgment on those who do not obey Him.

2. God demands obedience. God told Noah to build the ark. If he had not, he would have been destroyed like the others.

3. God demands exact obedience. Suppose Noah had used a different kind of wood than that which God had said. He would have been wrong; he would not have been obeying God just like the rest of the world was not obeying God. We too must do exactly what God says. Men today cannot change even one thing God has said and still be right! (See Deut 12:32; Pro. 30:6; Gal. 1:8-9; Rev. 22:18ff).

(SPECIAL NOTE- if you would like to learn why men speak different languages and find out about how they started, then read Genesis 11:1-9).

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