First Principles courses focus on the fundamental topics of the Bible and Christianity.  Topics will include:

  • God speaks to man
  • Sin
  • Jesus as the answer to sin
  • The church
  • Worship
  • Living Faithfully

There are so many different characteristics, or attributes, of you that no one could summarize everything in one word.  Words like “kind,” “gentle,” “patient,” etc. might describe you or people you know.  These are what we would call “attributes” of a person.  In this lesson, we will look at attributes of God. 

This course will focus on 3 important questions for man: 1) Where did I come from?, 2) Why am I here?, and 3) Where am I going?

This course will examine Satan's origin, his character, and the main weapon he can use today!

In a previous lesson we looked at the attributes of God.  We would not know these attributes just by looking at God’s Creation.  God revealed this information in His communication to man, the Bible.  In this lesson we will see why God spoke to man, how He has spoken to man, and how to determine what we are authorized to do or not to do by His word. 

In this lesson we will talk about sin that separates man from God. This topic is important to understand because if we do not resolve our sin problem we cannot be in God’s presence, including after this life in Heaven.

In the last lesson we looked at the main problem for man, sin. In this lesson we will look at God’s solution for saving lost man. That solution is Jesus the Christ. We will look at different sacrifices that have been made for sin. Then, we will look at Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for sin.

This course will examine marriage, responsibilities within the home, and the breakdown of the home.

In this course we will see that the idea of the church is not a new concept, but was prophesied about hundreds of years before it began. We will also see different names for the church and what those names tell us. Finally, we will see the exclusive nature of the church.

In the previous course we looked at the different names for the church. You may recall that one of those was “temple of God.” This describes the worship aspect of the church.  In this lesson we are going to look at what worship is. Then we are going to to look at how we must worship God. Then we will look at the different acts of worship that are acceptable to God.

In this course we will first examine what living faithfully means. Then we will examine why that it is important, and that Christian living doesn’t stop after obeying the steps to salvation, it really just begins. Then we will look at some insight into living faithfully that the Bible provides. 

This course will examine different questions about miracles, such as: 1) What is a miracle?, 2) Who were the doers of miracles?, and 3) What were the purposes of miracles?

This course will examine questions such as, 1) What is the state of man?, 2) What happens after we die?, and 3) What are our options for eternity?