These courses examine the church and Christian living.

A basic study of the church is in course TR-FP-08-The ChurchTR-LW-01-Advanced Church Study is a more in-depth examination of the church.  Church topics to be studied include: building, identifying, names, organization, worship, work, and discipline. The enrollment key for this course is obtained after completing TR-FP-08-The Church! (Prerequisite: TR-FP-08-The Church)

This course is an expansion of part of TR-FP-10-Living Faithfully.  It is a course on Christian growth and living.  The course will examine the negative attributes a Christian must "lay aside" based on 1 Peter, and the positive attributes a Christian should "take on" based on 2 Peter.  The enrollment key for this course is obtained after completing TR-FP-10-Living Faithfully! (Prerequisite: TR-FP-10-Living Faithfully)