Recommended Sequence of Courses

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Most students should progress through the courses in order.  This will ensure the student receives the important information and necessary foundation in the Bible and Christianity before proceeding to courses in the Branches section.  Once the Roots and Trunk courses are complete, students may feel free to follow any Branches path of their choosing to advance their knowledge in areas in which they are interested.

Even if you are already an advanced student of the Bible, such as a long-time preacher or one who holds a degree or certificate in the Bible, it is recommended that you take the Roots and Trunk courses as a refresher and/or to obtain new information.  All students should take the short course in the Roots section called R-01-Steps to Salvation!

If the course description says "Prerequisite" then you must have completed the prerequisite course(s) before enrolling in that particular course.  Students will see a code at the completion of a prerequisite course that they can use to enroll in the subsequent course.  Students should write it down and enter it when prompted while enrolling in the subsequent course.

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The current recommended sequence of courses, in order, is seen below.

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Sequence of Courses

Last Updated November 4, 2022

Bold titles are course categories or branches.
Underlined titles are courses.

Roots -  Badge obtained after completing the Roots course!

  • R-01-Steps to Salvation

Trunk -  Badge obtained after completing the Trunk courses!

  • Apologetics
    • TR-AP-01-Does God Exist?
    • TR-AP-02-Why Believe the Bible?
    • TR-AP-03-Evidences for Jesus
  • First Principles
    • TR-FP-01-Attributes of God
    • TR-FP-02-Man
    • TR-FP-03-Satan
    • TR-FP-04-God Speaks to Man
    • TR-FP-05-Sin
    • TR-FP-06-Jesus: The Sacrifice
    • TR-FP-07-Home
    • TR-FP-08-The Church
    • TR-FP-09-Worship
    • TR-FP-10-Living Faithfully
    • TR-FP-11-Miracles
    • TR-FP-12-Death
  • God
    • TR-GO-01-Synoptics
    • TR-GO-02-Holy Spirit
  • Life and Work
    • TR-LW-01-Advanced Church Study
    • TR-LW-02-Neither Barren, Nor Unfruitful
  • Study
    • TR-ST-01-Basic Bible Study 
    • TR-ST-02-Basic Hermeneutics

Branches -  Branch courses and sections can be pursued in any order.  They are listed below in alphabetical order by category.  Badges are obtained after completing each  main Branch!

  • Apologetics
  • Bibliology
  • Book Studies
    • Pentateuch
    • History
    • Poetry
      • BR-BO-PO-01-Job
    • Prophecy
    • Pauline Epistles
      • BR-BO-PL-05-1 Thessalonians
      • BR-BO-PL-06-2 Thessalonians
    • Prison Epistles
      • BR-BO-PR-04-Philemon
    • Pastoral Epistles
      • BR-BO-PA-03-Titus
    • General Epistles
      • BR-BO-GE-01-James
      • BR-BO-GE-02-1 Peter
      • BR-BO-GE-03-2 Peter
      • BR-BO-GE-04-1 John
      • BR-BO-GE-05-2 John
      • BR-BO-GE-06-3 John
      • BR-BO-GE-07-Jude
  • Calvinism and Denominationalism
    • BR-CD-01-Calvinism
  • Christian Living
    • BR-CL-01-Fruit of the Spirit
  • Christology
    • BR-CH-01-Introduction to ChristologyComing Soon!
    • BR-CH-02-Survey of NT Christology - Coming Soon!
    • BR-CH-06-Christology in John
  • Ecclesiology
  • Education
  • Eschatology
    • BR-ES-02-Premillennialism
  • Family Studies
    • BR-FS-01-God's Plan For Families
    • BR-FS-02-Roles in the Family
    • BR-FS-03-Threats to the Family
  • Hamartiology
  • History
  • Languages
  • Ministry
  • Soteriology
    • BR-SO-01-Plan of Salvation
    • BR-SO-03-Faith
    • BR-SO-06-Baptism
  • Study and Interpretation
  • World Religions
    • BR-WR-04-Mormonism
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